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"Let Good habits protect a better Life" theme publicity activity successfully concluded!
2024-03-29 09:33  

March 7 - March 22,To help college students develop good behavior habits,Improve the comprehensive quality of college students,Promote the healthy growth and all-round development of students,Dongdian Heart Talk group under the guidance of teachers from the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center,Use the evening self-study time to carry out "Let good habits guard a better life" propaganda activities for 2023 students。

Activity site 1

In the course of this presentation, the members of the presentation group explained in detail why we should form a habit?Why are habits hard to form and how do you form a habit?These aspects of confusion。The content involved is professional and credible, the cases are close to life, and the skills are easy to operate, which has been accepted and welcomed by the students。In the process, the group members gave full play to the advantages of peer education, lively and interactive language, which firmly attracted the attention of the students, which helped deepen the students' understanding and cognition of knowledge。


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After the activity, the students also said: through the preaching, understand the importance of good habits for our lives, and master the skills and methods of how to cultivate good habits, harvest is very rich。Forming good habits is very important for students who have just entered the university life. These habits will lay a solid foundation for everyone's future, and help everyone to achieve progress in life and a happy life。

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According to the needs of students' growth and development, the group will continue to carry out more educational activities such as propaganda, to provide beneficial support and help for the healthy development of students' body and mind!

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