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When Nietzsche Cries
2023-07-31 13:18  

With Nietzsche and Brel as the main characters, the film begins with Brel's treatment of Nietzsche's "despair" and opens a thrilling journey of mutual healing。   A girl turns to doctor Brel to find ways to treat her lover Nietzsche, thus achieving a collision of ideas between a depressed and desperate philosopher and a psychologist facing a "midlife crisis", the role of the healer and the cured many times, and finally both of them are saved。   The original plan was for Breyer to pretend to ask Nietzsche to heal him, and then to treat Nietzsche at his own opportunity。Nietzsche, on the contrary, did his duty and treated him seriously.。Start by building relationships, changing names, and letting go of defenses。In response to Breyer's fantasy of the patient, Nietzsche adopted a number of psychological treatments, but to no avail。Influenced by Nietzsche's idea of "eternal return", Breyer was cured after experiencing the "freedom" he wanted through Freud's hypnosis。   In fact, the two protagonists reflect two kinds of people。"What do you think about?If you are not possessed by external thoughts, "We love our desires more than the object of our desires.。If you are lucky that there is such a movie when you are confused, let you remember that there is Nietzsche, although in reality most of us can only be Brel, but the comfortable life is death, the establishment of the spirit is always sober and painful wrestling match。

The film is not only about Breyer's redemption of Nietzsche, in the process of treatment, Nietzsche guides Breyer to give up, give up life, give up his career, give up his family。In giving up at the same time to gain, to no longer carry the burden, no longer need to respond to the expectations of academia, to be free。  In following the heart, choosing what is necessary, and then loving what is chosen, may be the ultimate values conveyed by the author in When Nietzsche Cries, and may be the only way to live a long and happy life。

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