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Team building
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Team building
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· [Learning and training] The school held "Psychological crisis big data platform" operation practice intensive training 2024-06-16 
· [Learning and training] The 16th training course on Basic knowledge and skills of mental health education for college counselors in Jilin Province was held in our school 2024-05-14 
· [Learning and training] The school holds training courses for mental health education teachers to improve their mental education ability 2023-08-21 
· [Learning and training] The school held a lecture on "Female mental health knowledge" 2023-03-08 
· [Learning and training] In 2022, the ability training hosted by the members of the TEPCO Youth Health Peer Club was successfully concluded 2022-11-23 

· [Learning and training] The school organized standardized psychological interview practical training 2022-11-14 
· [Learning and training] Cocast Student Mental health protection network | The school held special training on psychological survey interview work 2022-10-23 
· [Learning and training] Home and school work together to protect students' mental health 2022-04-28 
· [Learning and training] "Under the epidemic, how do parents do psychological support for their children" is about to start 2022-04-26 
· [Learning and training] All staff participated in the training to help psychological epidemic prevention 2022-04-26 

· [Learning and training] The psychology committee of the whole school watched the online public lecture series of "National Psychology Committee Lecture Hall of Combating the Epidemic" 2022-04-12 
· [Soul Escort] "During the epidemic, how to effectively maintain dormitory interpersonal relations" psychological lecture is about to begin! 2022-03-30 
· [Learning and training] Dongdian Heart Language propaganda group successfully completed the 2022 winter holiday reading exchange activities 2022-03-02 
· [Learning and training] The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center held the 2021 Psychological Committee Symposium 2021-12-31 
· [Learning and training] The school held training on the use of the "Psychological Crisis Prevention and Intervention network platform" 2021-11-24 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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