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Psychological resources
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Psychological resources
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· [Recommended "heart" shadow] Keep one's ear open 2024-04-22 
· [Recommended "heart" shadow] In a Heartbeat 2024-04-08 
· [Recommended "heart" shadow] Three Battalions 2024-03-27 
· [Recommended "heart" book] "Before You Go" 2024-03-04 
· [Psychological Lecture Hall] Tepco Psychological Micro Class: The 13th issue of the Characteristics of College Students' Emotions 2023-11-14 

· [Psychological Lecture Hall] Tepco Psychological Micro Class: The twelfth "How much Do we Know about the Function of Emotions" 2023-10-31 
· [Psychological Lecture Hall] Tepco Psychological Micro Class: The eleventh "Emotion Management, Starting from Understanding the classification and basic State of Emotions" 2023-10-17 
· [Clear flow of mind] Xi Murong: The Invitation to Life 2023-08-21 
· [Recommended "heart" book] The Answer to Time 2023-08-14 
· [Recommended "heart" book] There's a Concession Stand by the Clouds. 2023-08-07 

· [Recommended "heart" shadow] When Nietzsche Cries 2023-07-31 
· [Recommended "heart" shadow] The Father Trapped in Time 2023-07-24 
· [Clear flow of mind] The inch effect 2023-07-10 
· [Clear flow of mind] What is expectation theory? 2023-07-03 
· [Clear flow of mind] Ebbinghaus forgetting rule 2023-06-26 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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